Want to take a class with Jeff Wasson?   All classes are small (2-4) students.   Students work in Jeff's studio,  all materials, tools and safety equipment are provided.   Take advantage of Jeff's knowledge and experience with teaching and making beautiful objects out of metal in a fully equipped shop.   Jeff will work with you one on one to help you develop and hone your skills while creating  a finished project you will be proud to take home.

     If you are interested in taking a class or have questions, please contact Jeff directly by sending an inquiry through the blue button below.


Metalworking  101  


Cut, weld, forge, hammer and grind...  Learn from a master metalsmith in a fully equipped shop!   Jeff has been teaching and making armor and metalwork for over 25 years.  Let him show you the secrets of forming, shaping and finishing steel into beautiful art objects.

Over 5 weeks,  students will learn a variety of techniques and then use those methods to make there own unique piece of armor,  sculpture or metalwork, to take home.  

This course is for all skill levels of students.  All materials and tools will be supplied.   


When: Thursday evenings  6:30 - 9:30 pm,  5  sessions starting January 6th and ending February 3rd.


Where: Ridgewood, Queens NY.  accessible by car and L subway (Jefferson Stop).
Cost:  $695

To  Enroll:   contact Jeff at  or click on the blue button below.


He will confirm registration, and then payment can be made via Paypal,  zelle or venmo. 


Once payment is received an e-mail with directions to the shop and other details will be sent.



Armourmaking 102

Students will pick a simple armour project to make over the course of 5 weeks.  The piece will be functional,  made to fit,  and be of heat treated spring steel.  Students who want to take this course must first take  Metalworking 101 as a pre-requisite.

Cost:  $795

Place:  Jeff's shop

Time:  To be decided

Viking Helmet Workshop:


Students will make there own Migration era Spangenhelm.

Cost:  $795

Time:   To be decided

Private Armour/ metalworking lessons:

Contact Jeff about private learning sessions, benefit from his skill and knowledge 1 to 1, go at your own pace, no experience necessary.


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