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For Sale

Here you will find Armor and art for sale.  All pieces have been handcrafted and are available for purchase.   If you have a question or would like to make a purchase you can contact me directly by clicking on the blue button.  Let me know your question or what piece you would like to purchase and I will get back to you with  an answer or how to make payment.

I take paypal, zelle, venmo, or  a check in the mail.   I can ship here in the US  or internationally.  Shipping charges apply.

Armor for sale

Art for Sale

Each piece is handmade by  Jeff in his workshop using many of the same techniques used to make armour.

Armoring Tools for sale

Hammers  for armoring and metalworking.   Hammerheads will need to be hafted to handles.  Some hammer heads will need to be ground down/ shaped to fit the type of work they are for.    When ordering contact me with Hammer and the letter  ( Hammer E.  or   Stake A.)

Planishing hammers

A. Square head planishing hammer $50 each. B. Round head planishing hammer $30 each.


E. $40 each. F. raising $50 each. G. $20 each

Hammers for sale

H. $60 SOLD I. $40 J. $50 K. $50

Hammers for sale

L. $60 M. $50 N. $50 O. $45

Hammers for sale

Q. $60 each.

Hammers for sale

R. $60 S. $50 T. Small dome or planish $40

Medieval Armor, Art and Education


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