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Images of past commissions

These galleries represent some of Jeff's past work.   Most of these were custom made pieces.   If you wish to purchase armor, check the for sale section for pieces in stock ready to go out.   If you would like to commission a custom armor please contact Jeff through the email/contact section of the website.

14th Century Armor

Plate armor, first emerges in the 14th century as a reinforcement to mail.  Armor of this period incorporates leather and textile in it's construction. Jeff's reproductions  are patterned after historical examples found in museums and extant artwork of the period.

15th Century Armor

15th century armor is characterized by the presence of more articulated plates that overlap and the development of national styles such as German, English and Italian.  These styles are defined by fluting, form and decoration.  

16th Century Armor

Here is a gallery of 16th c. armor.  The fashion for this time included roped edges, embossed borders,  etching,  gilding and bluing.

Want to see more?  Go to this link for more galleries of armor in Jeff's Smugmug:  

Medieval Armor, Art and Education


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